INSIDE innovation


Blockchain is a system that makes all the data contained in it 100% certain, thanks to which we can be sure of the origin of the goods and the entire value chain in which the product or service is located. The system will be implemented in a company dealing in the construction of low-emission single-family houses (at every stage of building construction) in order to guarantee the customer the origin and quality of construction products (steel, window glass, construction timber). Blockchain technology simplifies the design workflow and brings transparency to the construction process, making it open. A system that allows you to calculate the carbon footprint at every stage of the investment, from design to transport of materials and construction of a house. Presentation of verified data, giving the investor certainty about its impact on the environment by choosing a company that makes investments in the construction industry. The company creates a sales team to attract new customers interested in making the construction business more sustainable. The construction market in Poland and the EU is developing, especially following the path of sustainable development. There is a great demand for technological and organizational solutions that will increase the efficiency of companies and reduce the carbon footprint, and thus a wide range of new potential customers. Blockchain will appreciate those companies that are genuinely green, promoting the principle of the circular economy and creating market opportunities based on concern for the environment.