INSIDE innovation


The assumption is smooth management of energy between the producer and the consumer. The blockchain system allows for a simple and clear creation of an energy exchange system between stakeholders. Blockchain technology makes it possible to conclude energy sales transactions directly, within seconds, which otherwise requires a central intermediary. The system introduced by us and connected to the cryptocurrency gives the opportunity to sell and purchase energy at market prices, which is beneficial for buyers and sellers. In the case of connecting energy storage, it is possible to purchase and store energy at lower costs, which will be beneficial for buyers. Blockchain technology and tokenization are generally known, they are not new systems, but blockchain applications are appearing in various sectors. One of them is the energy sector. The main limitation of the system is its cost. There is a lack of ready-made solutions on the market that can be easily implemented on the market.Currently, we settle for energy using bidirectional meters, and in order to be sure about the settlement, the prosumer should carry out his own calculations. Our solution makes it possible to buy and sell energy at market price, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. The solution makes it possible to settle microgrids. Management of the energy flow between the external network and the microgrid. The creation of microgrids with energy storage gives us the opportunity to purchase energy from the external grid on favorable terms when energy is cheaper and to store it for the needs of microgrids. This approach allows for energy storage at more favorable price conditions, which will translate into greater savings of units connected in the microgrid.