INSIDE innovation


The planned production is based on an innovative technology of multi-layer macromolecular polymers with long chains of bonds. Hydrogen, due to its chemical and physical properties, requires specially designed and partially patented coatings. Strength conditions of tanks: capacity 27l and 250l; working pressure from 600 Bar maximum pressure up to 1500 Bar; assumed temperature from -25 ° C to + 50 ° C assumed loss of hydrogen through tank coatings up to 4% within 7 days; possibility of installing appropriate pressure sensors, presence of e.g. methane etc. nozzles in the tank equipped with safety valves Operation conditions of the tanks: time to refuel the 250l tank from the pressure system – about 6 minutes; possibility of underground installation; possibility of installation in adapted internal combustion cars as a booster tank. The possibility of designing fasteners for use in hydrogen-electric cars. Possibility to install a battery of tanks as energy accumulators using the redundan